Part One:  Saturday August 10, 2013
Part Two: Saturday August 17, 2013
Time: 4:00 to 5:30 pm or 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Location: The Summit Church, Brier Creek South Venue
Address: 2415-107 Presidential Drive; Durham, NC 27703
Cost: Free

If you cannot attend the live event, then a video recording of True Betrayal and its complementing study, False Love, are available as free on-line resources.

Here are the questions from the video above:

  • Do you know someone whose marriage has been affected by pornography or adultery?
  • Do you think you can live in honest community for the next year and this issue not come up?
  • Do you have friends or family still trying to figure out how to process the pain of their spouse’s past sexual sin?
  • When you think of what to say are you at a loss for words?
  • What is helpful at first and what needs to be said latter on?
  • How is that different if their spouse is honest or still hiding their sin?
  • What do you say to the kids whose family is being disrupted and they know something is wrong?
  • Are you willing to continue living in denial that we can ignore these issues and hope they go away?
  • Are you willing to see marriages end in divorce because the friends close enough to help are not equipped to provide effective support and guidance?
  • Are you hurting yourself because you do not know how to respond to your spouse’s sexual sin?
  • Has your sexual sin hurt your spouse and you’re beginning to realize that “just stopping the sin” by itself will not restore your marriage?
  • Are you caring for someone now who would come if you offered to attend with them?