To many vulnerability is a four letter word.  To others it is just a scary word.  For some it is a word without a meaning.  However, being vulnerable is necessary if we are going to love.  Love is not safe, because it requires that we give part of ourselves to another free, fallen human being.

With that being said there is both healthy and unhealthy vulnerability; wise and unwise.  Unfortunately, no where in Scripture do we get a formal definition of vulnerability with a practical application guide.

As close as we get (in my opinion) is the Beatitudes.  In this portion of Scripture Jesus describes key relational characteristics of his followers.  This article serves as an 8 day devotional which takes you through each beatitude (one per day) looking at four key points:

  • A description of the beatitude
  • An examination of the benefits of the beatitude for healthy, wise vulnerability
  • Thoughts on how to implement this beatitude in your life to grow in vulnerability
  • Reflective questions to help you examine where you are currently in relation to this beatitude