Question: What is righteous anger? I always feel like I’m right when I’m angry. Sometimes I still feel like I was right after I get over being angry, but I still feel ashamed of things I said or did. I don’t think righteous anger can just mean “being nice” but that seems like the only way not to feel bad or break relationships. When I think about it, I start to feel trapped and that makes me angry. So I avoid the question until something sets me off and then all the frustration I’ve been avoiding adds fuel to my anger. Can you help me think about this better?

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Here are  the seven questions discussed in this post in this blog post taken from David Powlison’s article “Anger Part 1: Understanding Anger” from The Journal of Biblical Counseling (Fall 1995)..

  1. Do you get angry about the right things?
  2. Do you express anger in the right way?
  3. How long does your anger last?
  4. How controlled is your anger?
  5. What motivates your anger?
  6. Is your anger “primed and ready” to respond to another person’s habitual sins?
  7. What is the effect of your anger?

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