Question: As a parent I hear many words that describe what I am supposed to be doing with my children. I get confused about how to use punishment, consequences, discipline, training, and instruction. At times I think they’re all synonyms referring to the same thing. Other times it get the sense that they are unique. Sometimes it begins to feel like I need a glossary and the ability to pass an elaborate matching quiz to fulfill what God expects of me as a parent. Can you help me think through this kind of dilemma?

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Here are the definitions of the five terms used in this blog post.

  •  Consequences – natural implications of bad decisions of sin or folly
  • Punishment – extra negative consequences applied by a moral authority for the purpose of opening blind eyes or softening a hard heart
  • Discipline – structures of life that are implemented to make wisdom and righteousness easier to see and obtain
  • Training – actions and practices required in order to make wisdom and righteousness a more natural “habit”
  • Instruction – verbal explanations that put into words the principles/values which undergird discipline and training

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