Question: I’m a licensed counselor (LPC) and came across the Summit counseling seminars. I’m excited to see the church addressing these kinds of subjects, and I’m curious how you might see someone in my position (or a LCSW or LMFT) using the materials. I can see recommending them to my clients who are open to an overtly Christian aspect to their counseling, but it seems like there could be more uses than just counseling homework. Could you share your thoughts on how those in private practice might use these resources?

Resources: Here are several resources that can be useful in preparing for of following up with the conversation discussed in this VLOG post.

  • Here is a link to more information about  Summit counseling.
  • Here is a link to more information about Summit small groups.
  • Here is a link to a video where I discuss how medical professional can communicate  Summit counseling to their patients and how to understand where Summit counseling  fits within their best practices protocols.

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