It is much easier to see how the Gospel applies to sin than suffering. Most of our preaching and teaching in evangelical churches points to Christ almost exclusively as the answer for our sin problem. This only accounts for half of the struggles we face in life.

On Sunday June 5, The Summit Church will be hosting our first EQUIP seminar of the summer: “One Gospel for Two Struggles: Sin & Suffering.” Our goal for this teaching time is to present how the Gospel speaks to both sides of the human dilemma: sin and suffering. The two videos below contain a preview of this seminar’s content.

I would encourage you to listen to these two videos to: (1) prepare yourself for what will be presented — we always retain more when we have “the big idea” of what we are hearing, and (2) reflect on who you should invite to this seminar.

Video One:

EQUIP Seminar “One Gospel for Two Struggles: Sin & Suffering” Promotion 1 from Summit Counseling on Vimeo.

 Video Two:

Untitled from Summit Counseling on Vimeo.