There is great value in saying something in a memorable, concise manner. Twitter has caused us to make this a near spiritual discipline. For my own growth (as a generally verbose individual… that’s a long way of saying “wordy”) and for the benefit of others, I highlight tweets each week that deliver a big message in a few words.

“The Spirit’s more difficult work in our lives is to help us act like children, trust like children, pray like children.” — JulieCanlis

— Austin Stone CC (@StoneCounseling) February 24, 2015


If all we talk about with the Holy Spirit is “conviction of sin”, we reduce The Comforter to a bad-news-bearer.

— howertonjosh (@howertonjosh) February 25, 2015


If you treat your church like a business, you will treat other churches like competition.

— jaredcwilson (@jaredcwilson) February 26, 2015


The victorious Christian life is not a sinless life, but a repentant life.

— Trevin Wax ن (@TrevinWax) February 27, 2015


Serving others gives us a break from ourselves.

— Sean Brown (@ragamuffinrev) February 27, 2015


Church should be so full of laughter and unbridled joy that outsiders press their noses against our windows longing to get into the party.

— Ray Cortese (@RayCortese) February 27, 2015


You are not what you think you are…what you think, you are… #think15

— Curt Collins (@cj13collins) February 28, 2015


If we are too embarrassed by the ‘hard things’ of scripture the chances are we are not empathizing with God. – Carson #THINK15

— Chris Roberts (@echrisroberts) February 28, 2015


There is no on/off switch to our worship. It is always on. The question then becomes where our worship is directed (see Rom. 1:25).

— The Gospel Project (@Gospel_Project) March 1, 2015


“If you don’t know where you’re from, you’ll have a hard time saying where you’re going.” Wendell Berry

— sally lloyd-jones (@sallylloydjones) March 1, 2015