There is great value in saying something in a memorable, concise manner. Twitter has caused us to make this a near spiritual discipline. For my own growth (as a generally verbose individual… that’s a long way of saying “wordy”) and for the benefit of others, I highlight tweets each week that deliver a big message in a few words.

“The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.” – David Foster Wallace

— BreneBrown (@BreneBrown) March 2, 2015


“Many a man has been lucky in marrying the woman he loves. But he is luckier in loving the woman he marries.” G.K. Chesterton

— Gary Thomas (@garyLthomas) March 3, 2015


“The point of the church is not to get churchy people to do more church.” — @will_basham #NHloop #GreenMeansGo

— Jeremy Hazelett (@jeremyhazelett) March 8, 2015


Unless we are grounded in the reality of the gospel, we offer nothing distinct to the world around us. @Gospel_Project

— James Taylor (@jamest8122) March 8, 2015


Because we seek to minimize pain & maximize pleasure we’ve distorted & elevated sexuality beyond God’s design #occchemistry @visitonecc

— Jada Edwards (@JadaEdwards1721) March 8, 2015


Perhaps your greatest strength is knowing and being fully aware of your weaknesses.

— Scott Reyner (@ScottReyner) March 9, 2015


Two mistaken beliefs about sexuality: 1. You are your sexuality. 2. Your sexuality is your feelings.

— Sam Allberry ن (@SamAllberry) March 9, 2015


“Getting Israel out of Egypt was hard. Getting Egypt out of Israel is much harder.” ~ @DHRoseberry

— Mark Moore (@mooreamark) March 9, 2015


You only control the effort, not the results.

— Ryan Holiday (@RyanHoliday) March 9, 2015