There is great value in saying something in a memorable, concise manner. Twitter has caused us to make this a near spiritual discipline. For my own growth (as a generally verbose individual… that’s a long way of saying “wordy”) and for the benefit of others, I highlight tweets each week that deliver a big message in a few words.

This week’s work isn’t about trying to redeem yourself of last week’s mistakes–because His love’s already perfectly redeemed you forever.

— Ann Voskamp (@AnnVoskamp) February 9, 2015


Fear isolates and causes the fearful to downsize their life to what they can control. – Julie Hansen #fear #control

— Rick Thomas (@RickThomasNet) February 9, 2015


The renewing of our minds is a process of believing more of what The Father says about us, than our wounds do.

— Josh Collins (@sixsteps268) February 9, 2015


“The most successful way to make someone worse is to continue demanding they get better.” –@birdchadlouis

— Daniel Emery Price (@danemeryprice) February 9, 2015


Growing in Grace 101: we are growing in grace when we seek to learn from everyone we meet rather than instruct everyone we meet.

— David Cassidy (@dpcassidyC3) February 10, 2015


Often when we lament our culture we’re telling God who sovereignly put us here “we deserve a better mission field than you gave us” @drmoore

— Jonathan Akin (@Jonathanakin) February 12, 2015


Power changes people from the outside. Influence changes people from the inside. @timkellernyc

— jonathanholmes (@jonathanholmes) February 13, 2015


The good news of our adoption in Christ is that God does not see us as merely pardoned criminals, but as His very own sons and daughters.

— Steve Childers (@stevechilders) February 14, 2015


“Anger toward those who oppose you is a sign of insecurity in your faith.” @jdgreear #BrokenSaviors

— Curtis Andrusko (@curtisandrusko) February 15, 2015


Everyone has temptations, but some people entertain them. Billy Graham

— Laura Krokos (@laurakrokos) February 15, 2015