Recently, The Gospel Coalition and the Biblical Counseling Coalition posted a 5 part series on “Depression in the Ministry.” This is a vitally important subject.  Pastors are people like everyone else. This has two implications.

First, we should care for pastors like we care for everyone else in the Body of Christ. Too often more is expected from pastors than anyone else in the church and yet pastors recieve less personal care than anyone else in the church.

Second, even if you are not a pastor these discussions of depression can benefit you too.

I hope you will read these posts and pass the links along to those in your church who are in positions to think through how your church cares for her pastors.

Part 1 — The Set Up by Paul David Tripp

Part 2 — Occupational Hazards by Garrett Higbee

Part 3 — A Ministry Sabbatical by Steve Viars

Part 4 — The Need for Wise Disclosure by Jeremy Lelek

Part 5 — Facing Depression with Christ by Bob Kellemen