Note: This post is the “table of contents” for the seminar “Taking the Journey of Grief with Hope” which will be presented at The Summit Church.

This event is free of charge and open to the public. Please invite anyone you believe would benefit from learning how the God of all comfort speaks to the various losses of life through the gospel.

Hour One

Chapter 1. “Preparing for Your Grief Journey”
PREPARE yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually to face your suffering

Chapter 2 “Identifying the Pieces of My Story”
ACKNOWLEDGE the specific history and realness of my suffering

 Hour Two

Chapter 3. “How Has My Life / Story Changed?”
UNDERSTAND the impact of my suffering 

Chapter 4. “The Darkest Part of My Journey”
LEARN MY SUFFERING STORY which I used to make sense of my experience

Chapter 5. “The Journey Is About More Than the Destination”
MOURN the wrongness of what happened and receive God’s comfort

Hour Three

Chapter 6. “My Loss Story in His Story”
LEARN MY GOSPEL STORY by which God gives meaning to my experience

Chapter 7. “Where is ‘Better’ on This Journey?”
IDENTIFY GOALS that allow me to combat the impact of my suffering

Chapter 8. “Beginning to Live the Rest of My Story”
PERSEVERE in the new life and identity to which God has called me

Chapter 9. “Living the Rest of Your Story”
STEWARD all of my life for God’s glory


  1. Memorial Ceremony for an Unborn Child
  2. Applying the Grief Seminar to Losses Not Caused by Death
  3. Small Group Care Plan for the Whole Journey
  4. Healthy Ways to Capture Memories
  5. Bible Readings on Grief
  6. Recommended Books
  7. Freedom Group Study Plans
  8. Parenting Tips and Family Devotions for Each Chapter
  9. What Do I Do Now?