We are excited about the way that collaboration with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) allows Summit and Bridgehaven to offer more opportunities to benefit from the seminars we offer. Below we outline how you can:

  • Earn Credit Towards a Certificate in Biblical Counseling
  • Earn Credits Towards an Undergraduate Degree (which are transferable to your school)
  • Earn Credits Towards a Graduate Degree at SEBTS

Please remember everyone is welcome to attend all of our seminars for free. These credit are merely additional ways that you can benefit from these trainings. We want these seminars to strengthen the church in many ways:

  • Encouraging those who struggle personally in the subject area of each seminar
  • Equipping church members to provide excellent one-another care in their natural relationships
  • Educating people about the follow up resource of Bridgehaven when additional counseling is needed

More information about each of these points is also provided below.

Certificate Credit

SEBTS is committed to providing more than excellent education for aspiring pastors. SEBTS wants to be a part of equipping the entire church to become more excellent at their non-vocational ministries.


This is the purpose of SEBTS’s certificate programs and why they are excited to forge this partnership.

Each one-week intensive qualifies you to receive one of seven credits necessary to receive a certificate in biblical counseling from SEBTS.

While everyone is welcome to attend all of the seminars for free, if you want certificate credit there is a cost of $250 for each credit and a one-time application fee of $40. These fees are paid to SEBTS for enrollment and course credit. You would begin the process earning a certificate by applying for admission at SEBTS (e-mail – admissions@sebts.edu).

For questions about certificate credit please contact Eli Byrd at SEBTS at 919.761.2281.

The next classes available in this one-week intensive partnership between Summit, SEBTS, and Bridgehaven are listed here.

Undergraduate and Graduate Credit

You can also receive 3 hours of undergraduate or masters level credit from SEBTS for these one week intensive courses. Students from other schools can check with their school’s registrar office about the possibility of transferring these credits. For those seeking to take this course for undergraduate credit, this form is needed to take a masters level course for undergraduate credit.

The schedule for undergraduate-graduate course is:

  • 1:00 to 5:00 pm additional lectures
  • 6:30 to 9:00 pm seminar attendance

Here is a sample syllabus for the Marriage & Pre-Marital course (2015_fall_bco6560_hambrick_syllabus; subject to change) for the graduate and undergraduate credits to provide you with a sense of course expectations and course load.

These classes provide both an excellent education in their subject area and a viable ministry model you can implement in a local church or other ministry context.

For questions about graduate and undergraduate credit at SEBTS, please contact Chris Castorena at 919.761.2280 or Sean Robinson at 919.761.2281.


bridgehaven logo-b&w_sm“But what if I get in over my head? What if I learn of struggles that are larger than I feel equipped to handle?” These are the questions that often cause individuals and churches to shy away from these types of training.

Too often we fall into the trap of thinking, “If I can’t do everything, I won’t even do the parts that I can do.”  The result is people’s struggles become more overwhelming as their lives become more isolated.

The reality is, these struggles existed before you “discovered” them. People were just hurting in silence. Now there is hope, because a conversation has started.

Bridgehaven Counseling Associates is a parachurch, pastoral counseling center that exists for these occasions.

Bridgehaven provides biblical counseling and seminars, not to replace the caring relationships within the church, but to multiply their prevalence so people are more willing to be purposefully involved in one another’s lives.


Change that last impacts our day-to-day relationships. Our beliefs, values, and habits are constantly shaped and reinforced by those we call “friends.”

These seminars are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations about change with those you already know. Scripture is clear; our friends should be involved in our efforts to pursue the peace and hope God offers.

Galatians 6:2, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

While these materials can be used in more formal counseling contexts, their most wide-spread impact will be realized when they are used to facilitate intentional friendships and mentoring relationships.

Each seminar is comprised of five to nine segments and comes with a study guide to facilitate discipleship or mentoring relationships. Videos and study guide request forms for these seminars can be accessed here.