There may be nothing more painful and disruptive than the loss of a child. It is what makes it so hard to write, read, think, or talk about the subject of abortion.

You may be reading this post because you lost your child to abortion. Your pain is real, and we recognize the challenges of this healing process. We want you to know that we (The Summit Church) want to be a place of acceptance, hope, and healing for you. God forgives you. He loves you, and we love you. You do not have to carry guilt and shame any longer, or face the journey of healing alone.

We are grateful for the members of our church, like Becky, who have experienced grace and had the courage to share their stories so that: (a) people who have experienced abortion can have hope and (b) people who are considering abortion can better understand the pain it causes and consider a different choice.

Becky’s Story from The Summit Church on Vimeo.

You may be reading this post because you are burdened for the unborn. Your burden is good. We want members of our church to be burdened for all the marginalized lives, born and unborn, in our community and our world. This includes fighting well for the unborn and loving those who are considering or have already had an abortion. We want to advocate for the dignity of the image of God everywhere it is devalued.


The organization Hope After Abortion (Project Rachel) has put together several helpful articles.

The organization PATH also has resources for men who are wrestling with guilt after advocating that their wife or girlfriend have an abortion.

Biblical counselor, David Powlison, overviews the healing process after abortion in this 8 minute video.

Tim Challies helps us think through how to make the case for being pro-life most effectively in our current cultural context.

Here are several books, workbooks, or booklets you may find helpful.

Local Ministries

Here are some ministries in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area that either provide support for young women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy or counseling for women facing the emotional impact of an abortion.

Next Steps

The Summit Church wants to be a blessing to our city and an advocate for marginalized life wherever it exists. If you want to get more involved in one of these ministry initiatives, please look at the opportunities on our local outreach page.