ReCity is a 501 c 3 educational non-profit that is reimagining what our city would look like if we lived our lives together instead of separately. ReCity’s vision is to see every student in the Triangle connected to the opportunities they need to thrive. By leveraging the assets of the community and partnering with already existing organizations, ReCity creates access to education and career opportunities for disconnected youth through training and apprenticeship programs founded upon a mentoring relationship.

ReCity’s goal is to gather effective organizations together to empower youth to develop their gifts and connect them to meaningful careers. ReCity’s hope is to see these relationships ignite a movement that breaks down the barriers that separate us and catalyzes the reconciliation and restoration of the city.
Join ReCity in rewriting the story of our city together.

3 Ways to Get Involved

1) Mentor If you have a desire to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a disconnected youth in your community and can commit to invest just 1 hour a week for a year, click here to RSVP for our mentor training on Saturday, February 7th

2) Share your skill set: Are you passionate and gifted in a particular field? Leverage your skills by teaching a class or seminar through ReCity that will help disconnected youth discover and develop their gifts so they can be equipped for the careers God is calling them to!

3) Pray Prayer is essential to seeing the vision and mission of ReCity become reality. Join our prayer team and partner with us in praying that God would use ReCity to break down the walls that separate us and catalyze reconciliation and restoration in our city by the power of the gospel! Email Rob Shields ( to receive regular updates on how you can be praying for ReCity!

ReCity from The Summit Church on Vimeo.