Books: Individually Authored

Christian Counseling Commentary Series

  • Philippians, co-authored with Marilyn Marrero (ABC, 2023)
  • James, co-authored with Marilyn Marrero (ABC, Coming 2024)

Mini Books: Individually Authored

Books: Served as General Editor

Books: Contributor

Curriculum: Guest Contributor

Published Journal Articles

  • The Journal of Biblical Counseling (back issue and subscription options)
    • “Making Peace with Romans 8:28” 28:3 (2014)
    • “Getting to Know the Experience of Same-Sex Attraction” 30:1 (2016)
    • “The Next Generation of Biblical Counseling: A Tribute to the Legacy of David Powlison” 34:1 (2020)
    • “How to Create Effective Care Teams at Your Church” 35:1 (2021)