This post is an excerpt from the study guide which accompanies the “Overcoming Addiction” seminar. This portion is an excerpt from “Step One: ADMIT I have a struggle I cannot overcome without God.” To RSVP for this and other Summit counseling seminars visit

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A PDF version of the evaluation can be found here.

The material for this evaluation is arranged into three categories, which are commonly recognized in addiction research; although different counselors use different vocabulary. Understanding these categories will help you utilize what you learn from this evaluation.

Stage of Addiction Common Addiction Language Craig Nakken Language inThe Addictive Personality Ed Welch Language inAddictions: A Banquet in the Grave
Stage One Use Internal Change Sin
Stage Two Abuse Lifestyle Change Slavery
Stage Three Dependence Life Breakdown Tragedy

Under each stage the following characteristics of addiction are assessed.

  • Use / Internal Change / Sin
    • Violating Wisdom Principles
    • Violating Moral Precepts
    • Fading Conscience and Loss of Willpower
  • Abuse / Lifestyle Change / Slavery
    • Lifestyle Adapting to Addiction
    • Tolerance
    • Withdrawal
    • Psychological Dependence /Cravings
  • Dependence / Life Breakdown / Tragedy
    • Relational and Professional Damage
    • Health Damage
    • Tragic Life Consequences