This posts takes a look back at my favorite posts from this year. These are the posts, that as I reviewed through my archives, I remembered most clearly. It may be the memory that inspired the post or the conversations that ensued afterwards, but either way these are the ones that stood out to me.

  1. The Myth of Compatibility — Too often we treat compatibility as if were a noun instead of a verb. Character is a better predictor of marital success than personality cohesion.
  2. When the Holy Spirit Prays for You — Too often we try to comfort people who are suffering with Romans 8:28 without taking on the journey of verses 25-27.
  3. The Sacred “Silly” Moments of Marriage — This is a call to pay attention to how “compliments” do more than just encourage your spouse.
  4. Feel Awkward Being Expressive in Worship? Me Too — Here I reflect on the self-preoccupation of being expressive in worship distracts me from the freedom God wants to give through worship.
  5. God’s Words for “Bouncy” Anxiety — This posts looks at how Psalm 121 is a gift from God for those whose fears bounce from one thing to the next.
  6. Prayer and Talking to My Children — This was a great time of remembering that God enjoys listening to His children as much as (probably more than) I enjoy listening to my children.
  7. You Don’t Know “The Real Me” — I was struck by how sin-kept-secret could so powerfully cut people off from meaningful relationships even from people who really loved them.
  8. On Counseling and Comedy — Find out if you agree with my assessment that young counselors and young comedians wrestle with the same tactical error.
  9. The Difference Between Guilt, Shame and Regret — These three powerful emotions/experiences are often used as synonyms, but when it comes to applying the gospel we need to know the difference.
  10. Poetry Slam on Same Sex Attraction and Childhood Sexual Abuse — My reflections on a powerful 9 minute testimony of God’s restorative power in poetry form.
  11. Learning to Doubt Our Fears — I was struck by the realization that when we are afraid the only thing we do not doubt is our fears.
  12. Three Family Posts (Yes, I admit I’m cheating).
    1. Special Trip III: Youngest Son Goes to Kindergarten — The story of the right of passage trip I took with my youngest son. Great memories!
    2. Why We Do “Chili Cheese Dog Adventures” — An innovative approach helping our boys adapt to a move that has turned into a family tradition.
    3. Three Letters I Write Every Year — A romantic exercise I realized was enriching my life as much as my wife’s.