I know Your heart hurts that this seminar is even necessary.  You care for Your people and despise abuse of all kinds.  I pray that in the seminar tomorrow that Your heart of compassion could be seen clearly by those aching to see it.

Father, probably no one but You can accurately sympathize with how hard it will be for those who need to come to actually muster the courage to come.  I pray that you would give them Your courage.  As their heart’s race while deciding whether to come, let each person be keenly aware of Your presence. Remind them as they feel like they are “walking through the valley of the shadow of death” that they can “fear no evil, for you are with them” (Psalm 23:4).

Lord, I pray for my words tomorrow.  I want to accurately capture the experience of sexual abuse so that those in attendance can feel less alone and see that the words of hope/guidance really are applicable to them.  At the same time, I do not want the presentation to be any more painful than is necessary to begin/continue Your work of healing in their lives.  Grant me the discernment to strike that balance.  Give me good words, full of grace and hope, as I speak.

Lord, I recognize that this subject is beyond the power of clever illustrations and penetrating insights to bring about change.  I ask that the seminar, in whatever way best fits the situation of each person there, serves as an introduction to You, The Great Physician and Wonderful Counselor.  Use the materials as a bridge from pain and shame to You.

Finally, Father, I pray that tomorrow would be a landmark day in Your work of restoration in the lives of many people; knowing that tomorrow will not “complete” the journey for anyone.  But I ask that it would be a day that many could look back upon and see it as a point where hope grew, lies broke, silence stopped, isolation ended, fear began to retreat, shame lifted, “normal” moved towards healthy, and peace peaked through the darkness as the God of Light displayed His great love for many of His hurting children.

Thank you, Father, for being willing to listen even as we bring you prayers that we wish did not have to be prayed.