This posts takes a look back at my favorite posts from this year. These are the posts, that as I reviewed through my archives, I remembered most clearly. It may be the memory that inspired the post or the conversations that ensued afterwards, but either way these are the ones that stood out to me.

7 Lessons from Running a Half Marathon with My Youngest Son

My favorite posts are always the ones reflecting on special times with my family. This was a great memory with my youngest son. The number of “teachable moments” that emerged with accomplishing a big goal like a half marathon were plentiful.

We Are Equally Sinful. We Are Not All Equally Broken or Toxic.

This seeks to clarify an often misunderstood element of pastoral theology. How do we reconcile the fact that no one needs a “double dose of Jesus” with the reality that some forms of sin or brokenness have a more profound impact?

What is Counseling About? Problems in Living, Meaning of Life, or Mental Health?

When this question is answered as an “you must pick one” question, much needed care is neglected (regardless of which one we choose). This post seeks to clarify why all three categories are valid and necessary.

Your First 90 Days on the Mission Field

While working on a project with Summit’s mission team, we developed this tool to help missionaries with their acclimation process to a new culture during their first 3 months overseas.

Can Christian Counseling be a Ministry and a Vocation?

From my perspective much of the friction that exists between various approaches to biblical of Christian counseling results from trying to say that counseling must be a ministry or must be a vocation. How much friction is removed when we realize God can be honored when counseling can be a vocation or a ministry?

For Pastors: How to Vet Potential Counseling Referral Sources

This was a response to a question from a Summit church planter who wanted guidance on what questions to ask (and what responses to listen for) when trying to find good counselors in his city.

24 Possible Curriculum for a G4 Ministry

I’ve been very excited about how G4 has grown in 2017. This posts provided a list of curriculum a church could use for each of the four types of groups offered in G4.

Learning Relational Wisdom in Conflict Using James 3:17-18

This resource is meant to take someone phrase by phrase through these two verses in the book of James in order to better assess how well they are expressing anger in moments of conflict or disgruntleness.

Why Your Pastor Can’t Be More Practical than You Are Honest

Often people say to a counselor, “I wish my pastor was as practical as you are.” Unfortunately, I don’t think these individuals realize how differently they relate to their counselor as compared to their pastor. The most honest and transparent we are, the more practical they can be.

Negative Emotion Tolerance in the Pursuit of Sexual Purity

Being comfortable with unpleasant emotions is an essential skill in managing the temptation to lust. Learning to withstand stress, disappointment, shame, and other unpleasant emotions is an important skill avoiding the escape of pornography and fantasy.

On Participation in Conversation and Sex

This blog began with asking a counselee the question, “What if your wife participated in sex like you participated in conversation? Would you be satisfied?” It was a light bulb moment for both of them.

Manipulative Repentance: 8 Red Flag Phrases

We’ve all had our “Spidey sense” go off when we feel like someone is being disingenuous or manipulative with their repentance. But it’s hard to articulate what is happening. This posts points to eight clues that could be what feels off in those moments.

Hope you enjoyed these posts and that you’ll keep reading in 2018!