Marshall-Game-FaceThose who know me, know my passion for coaching little league baseball. It is one of my “therapeutic outlets” as I get to spend quality time with my boys, get to know families from our community, and put the “fun” in fundamentals for a couple dozen kids each Fall / Spring.

A little eye black, a post-game “offense makes your mama holler, defense wins the game” chant, and putting minor league logos on the lineup card makes little league feel like the big leagues at these ages.

As we venture into kid pitch a whole new world of drills, strategy, concepts, and skills are part of the game. In preparing our kids for this new level of competition I developed our “defensive responsibilities” chart. I’m not sure what it has to do with counseling or discipleship, but its a lot of fun and something I thought I would pass along in case I have any fellow coaches in my readership.

For anyone who cares to review our A’s_Defensive Responsibilities here you go.