Too often we miss the most amazing and profound aspects of our world.  We miss the smile of a loved one.  We miss the miracle of creation.  We miss the calm and rest of quiet and stillness.  We miss seeing blessings because we are lost in our grumblings.  Most of all we miss the hope of God’s presence.

The following quote comes from The Living God by Thomas C. Oden pages 68-69.

“The presence of God was thought by classical exegetes to encompass the widest possible range of creaturely activity:

1. God is naturally present in every aspect of the natural order, every level of causality, every fleeting moment and momentous event of natural history (Ps 8:3; Isa 40:12; Nah 1:3ff).

2. God is actively present in a different way in every event of history, as provident guide of human affairs (Ps 48:7).

3. God is in a special way attentively present to those who call upon his name, intercede for others, who adore God, who petition, who pray earnestly for forgiveness (Matt18:19ff; Acts 17:27).

4. God is judicially present in moral awareness, through conscience (Ps 48:1-2).

5. God is bodily present in the incarnation of his Son, Jesus Christ (John 1:14; Col 2:9).

6. God is mystically present in the Eucharist, and through the means of grace in the church, the body of Christ (Eph 2:12ff; John 5:56).

7. God is sacredly present and becomes known in special places where God chooses to meet us, places that become set apart by the faithful, remembering community (I Cor 11:23-29), where it may be said, “Truly the Lord is in this place (Gen 28:16, 23:18; Matt 18:20).”

Use these seven items as a scavenger hunt over the next week.  Notice what is in front of you each moment.  When you see God speak to Him.  Say “Thank you.”  Say “I love you.”  Say “Hello.”  Seeing God in the details of life allows prayer to be more conversational than a discipline or an appointment.  Knowing where and how to look for God fuels hope when the rest of life seems dark.

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