GOD IS PERSONAL (A Definition): God has the ability to relate interpersonally and does so.  God is neither aloof nor disinterested in His creation.  God is aware of and concerned about the details of our lives.  God is able to sympathize with the struggles we face in a fallen world.  It is God’s nature to be active and involved.

Passages Describing God as Personal – Matt 10:28-31; Psalm 56:8-11; Rom 8:26-27; Heb 4:14-16

Questions About Your Ability to Rest in “God as Personal” – Do you struggle to believe that God cares for you personally?  Do you believe God only loves you generically (because He loves everybody)?    Do you believe God is only concerned about the “big events” of your life, making the day to day choices drab or meaningless?  What would life and faith be like if God were not personal?

Questions About Your Ability to Emulate “God as Personal” – Do you avoid being vulnerable with others?  When do you resist making yourself known because of a fear of rejection or giving others power over you?  How does this reveal a desire to be approved by people (the fear of man) greater than a desire to be approved by God (the fear of the Lord)?  How does being personal open conversation towards God and the Gospel?