Life is worship.  Because we are made in God’s image to reflect His glory everything we do and every struggle we face reveals what we believe to be worthy (of time, attention, resources, or sacrifice), relevant, beautiful, and valuable.  Losing sight of the fact that all of life is worship is the ultimate example of missing the forest for the trees.  And we all do it.

In the “Living Worship” series my goal is to add application lyrics to well-known hymns and praise songs in order to bridge the gap between daily living and perpetual worship.  I pray that whether you use them in personal worship, small group worship, or corporate worship that they help you see that we live all of life “before the face of God.”  I hope this increased realization can be source of comfort, encouragement, and spurring on to holy living.

Each lyric also comes with a brief devotion.  This devotion attempts to explain how the added lyrics seek to bridge the message of the original song to the life application.  These devotions come in reproducible PDF format.

No charge or compensation is expected for these resources.  I do ask that you document where the applications lyrics came from ( if they are printed or reproduced in a PowerPoint format.  No charge or profit should be made by the individual or group using the materials without express written consent.