self-value                        self-worth                       self-abasement                 self-acceptance

self-criticism                    self-defeating                  self-idolatry                     self-mastery

self-policing                    self-understanding            self-deprecating           self-worship

self-denigration                self-validating                 self-doubt                      self-absorbed

self-expression                self-help                         self-revealing                   self-centered

These are just a sampling of the current 213 self-hyphenated (I guess that could be added to the list) words in the English language.

Not only are these words abundant in number, but they saturate the way we think about life. They influence the way we think about our purpose cheap canadian viagra in life, the function of relationships, how to parent, what the church is about, why Jesus came, and a myriad of other things. This is why it is imperative we understand what the Bible actually tells us to do with self.

There are many places one could begin exploring the Bible on the subject of self: the implications of being made in the image of God, the fall and our sinful nature, the price Christ paid to redeem us, or our identity as children of God. This chapter will approach the subject by examining the New Testament passage that contains Jesus’ clearest, and possibly most misapplied, teaching on what we are to do with our self.

The questions we will strive to answer is, “Does low self-esteem the cause our problems in life? Is low self-esteem by-product of our struggles? Does the pursuit of self-esteem directly or indirectly exacerbate our struggles? Should we try to solve our problems by raising our self-esteem, or would that effort only increase our problems and distract us from more pertinent solutions?”

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