We hope you enjoy the “Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage: Intimacy” seminar. It is one of five seminars in the GCM series.

The GCM series are marriage preparation and marriage enrichment level resources. If your marriage needs restoration level care consider one of the other options available at www.summitchurch.com/counseling, or visit www.bradhambrick.com/findacounselor for help finding a counselor near you.

If you are interested in the pre-marital mentoring program built around these materials, you can find everything you need at www.bradhambrick.com/gcm.

NOTE: Many people have asked how they can get a copy of the GCM seminar notebooks. You can request a copy from Summit’s admin over counseling at counseling@summitchurch.com (please note this is an administrative account; no individual or family counsel is provided through e-mail).

Lesson 1
What Makes Intimacy Difficult?

GCM-Intimacy01 from Equip on Vimeo.

Lesson 2
Understanding Our Differences

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Lesson 3
Living in THE Love Story 

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Lesson 4
Sex as One of God’s Gifts for Marriage (Part One)

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Lesson 5
Sex as One of God’s Gifts for Marriage (Part Two)

GCM-Intimacy05 from Equip on Vimeo.