We don’t just consume food. We have a relationship with food. From infancy, bad behavior was punished with “no dessert for you” and if we worked extra hard we “deserved a treat.”

Now we feel guilty for eating “bad foods” (by whatever criteria we moralize food) and we are perpetually self-conscious about our figure (as if there was a “holy” body type which receives God’s special favor).

Hopefully, you can begin to see that food is so much more than fuel in our culture. For many of us, a primary obstacle to a healthy relationship with God is an unhealthy relationship with food. We “cast our cares” on comfort foods instead of the God of all comfort, and we live with a sense of guilt or anxiety over our eating habits.

Gaining a Healthy Relationship with Food is a seminar intended to counter this strong cultural tendency. This seminar addresses both over-indulgence and/or over-restriction in your relationship with food. Both over-eating and anorexia or bulimia result from asking food to do more than food can do.

Both sides of the unhealthy relationship with food spectrum will be addressed. We will acknowledge the unique facets of each struggle, but point to the same answer: the freedom of Christ which allows you to accept the body God gave you as good, while wisely stewarding your body for God’s glory and your satisfaction.

Date: Saturday November 14, 2015
Time: 4:00 to 7:00 pm
Location: The Summit Church, Brier Creek South Venue
Address: 2415-107 Presidential Drive; Durham, NC 27703
Cost: Free
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