G4 is a group-based

counseling ministry that provides a context for participants to invest a season of their lives in overcoming a life-dominating struggle of sin or suffering. Most G4 groups utilize a subject specific curriculum (addiction, depression, eating disorders, grief, trauma, etc.) built around one of two nine-step models of sanctification.

The goal of G4 is to see participants graduate back into the general discipleship ministries of the church, freer from their struggle and with a clearer picture of what it means for believers to support one another as the gospel transforms the most difficult parts of our lives.

This video provides a brief overview of G4.

* If your church runs G4 and wants to use this video help promote that ministry, you can download a version of this video here (without The Summit Church link at the end) and edit the end of the video with your church’s website.

If you do a web search for  “how to add titles in iMovie” (or whatever software you use), and you will find several options for movie editing software to update this video for your church.

* * If your church wants guidance on launching ministries like G4 at your church, that is what Mobilizing Church-Based Counseling was written to equip you to do.