Are you curious about G4? Whether you are a new G4 participant or small group members wanting to know more about the process of change, the video below orients you to G4’s nine-step model for overcoming a sin-based struggle; that is, a struggle emerging from our beliefs, values, and choices.

You can find the complementing overview video for G4’s nine step model for coming suffering-based struggles at

The nine steps covered in this video are:

  • Step 1. ADMIT I have a struggle I cannot overcome without God
  • Step 2. ACKNOWLEDGE the breadth and impact of my sin
  • Step 3. UNDERSTAND the origin, motive, and history of my sin
  • Step 4. REPENT TO GOD for how my sin replaced and misrepresented Him
  • Step 5. CONFESS TO THOSE AFFECTED for harm done and seek to make amends
  • Step 6. RESTRUCTURE MY LIFE to rely on God’s grace and Word to transform my life
  • Step 7. IMPLEMENT the new structure pervasively with humility and flexibility
  • Step 8. PERSEVERE in the new life and identity to which God has called me
  • Step 9. STEWARD all of my life for God’s glory