This post is meant to help churches identify potential curriculum for their G4 ministry. If you are unfamiliar with G4, here is a brief overview video.





G4, Nine-Step Curriculum

Non- Nine-Step Curriculum

These resources are not written around the G4 nine step models for sin or suffering. This list is merely meant to be a starting place for churches to identify potential curriculum to assist them in serving more needs in their congregation and community.

  • DivorceCare – An excellent 13 week video-based discussion group for the experience of an unwanted divorce.
  • GriefShare – An excellent 13 week video-based discussion group for grief.
  • Post-Abortion – An 8 session small group curriculum from Pat Layton
  • Mending the Soul – A collection of support group curriculum by Steven Tracy for various forms of abuse; in order to use this curriculum leaders must go through the MTS training designated for their subject area.
  • The Heart of Domestic Abuse – A book by Chris Moles to work with men who have been perpetrators of domestic violence.
  • Healing What’s Hidden – A trauma resource from Reboot Recovery that focuses particularly on the trauma experienced by military personnel and first responders.
  • Unfaithful – A book by Gary and Mona Shriver meant to walk with couples who are ready to process their experience of adultery betrayal together.
  • Support of Newborn Moms – A book by Kerri Kristoff to facilitate a support experience for new moms.
  • Longing for Motherhood – A book by Chelsea Sobolik to facilitate a support experience for women facing infertility.
  • Blended Families – A 8 week study by Ron Deal on navigating some of the unique challenges faced by blended families.
  • Psychiatric Disorders – A 5 week study by the counseling faculty at CCEF on how to understand and care well for those who are experiencing various psychiatric disorders
  • Relational Wisdom 360 – A 20 lesson intensive study on relational wisdom and emotional intelligence developed by Ken Sande
  • How People Change – A 14 week study by the counseling faculty at CCEF on what a thoroughly gospel-centered approach to change looks like
  • Finding Your Confidence, Identity, & Security in Christ – A six session study on how Christ-centered identity, purpose, confidence, security, and wisdom is what believers are looking for when they say they struggle with a low self-esteem

Questions: If you want to know more about G4, contact John Chapman – Director of G4 Recovery and Support Group Ministries at The Summit Church.