Below are podcasts from the presentation of “False Love: Overcoming Sexual Sin from Pornography to Adultery.” For the various counseling options available from this material visit

  • The False Love seminar is also available in podcast format.
  • The complimenting study “True Betrayal: Overcoming the Betrayal of Your Spouse’s Sexual Sin” is also available in a video and podcast format.

NOTE: Many people have asked how they can get a copy of the seminar notebook referenced in this verbal presentation. You can request a copy from Summit’s admin over counseling at (please note this is an administrative account; no individual or family counsel is provided through e-mail).

STEP 1. ADMIT I have a struggle I cannot overcome without God.

STEP 2. ACKNOWLEDGE the breadth and impact of my sin.

STEP 3. UNDERSTAND the origin, motive, and history of my sin.

STEP 4. REPENT TO GOD for how my sin replaced and misrepresented Him.

STEP 5. CONFESS TO THOSE AFFECTED for harm done and seek to make amends.

STEP 6. RESTRUCTURE MY LIFE to rely on God’s grace and Word to transform my life.

A recommendation with this step (if not sooner) is to install internet accountability software on all of your electronic devices. An excellent provider of this software is Covenant Eyes. Their ministry provides a many articles, for which I am a frequent contributor, for you continued growth and encouragement.

STEP 7. IMPLEMENT the new structure pervasively with humility and flexibility.

STEP 8. PERSEVERE in the new life and identity to which God has called me.

STEP 9. STEWARD all of my life for God’s glory.

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