The content for the June 5 seminar “One Gospel for Two Struggles: Sin & Suffering” was first presented as a part of a counselor training. Below are some comments from those who attended this training about what you have the opportunity to learn.

I especially liked the sin and suffering paradigms that Brad presented. Each step in the paradigm built upon the preceding step helping us to apply the material to our specific situation. As I learned each step I discovered how the process can help us become more Christ like.  One of the many benefits that I learned during the training was that it communicated the big picture of the Gospel in application among the body of Christ. Everyone in the church can benefit from the material I learned during the training.

Finally, a neatly packaged identity to help every believer come to terms with the messiness of our hearts – “saint, sufferer, sinner!!”  Even as we are all works in progress, as victims and wrongdoers, we can learn to trust that God’s promises for our lives will never fail.  Through communal accountability and mentorship we can seek to love others toward wholeness and rest in God.

I very much enjoyed the seminar!  The part which hit home to me was when you talked about each of us having a story and how we get messed up when our story changes in a way that is negative and unexpected.  This is so true!  I see this in my life and how I have dealt with my own struggles.  Also, I connect well with what you said about how understanding that we are not the big story, but God is.  This realization gives great comfort to me.

Come join us Sunday June 5 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at The Summit Church Brier Creek South Venue (2335 Presidential Dr; Durham, NC 27703). The seminar is free and no RSVP is required. Bring a friend and be encouraged in the the great hope we have in the Gospel which covers the full breadth of our human experience.