This is a weekly post that highlights resources from other counselors that I have found helpful. The counselors may be from the biblical counseling, Christian psychology, integration, or secular counseling traditions. By linking to a post, I am not giving it my full endorsement, I am merely indicating that I believe it made a unique contribution or raised an important subject for consideration.

Abuse: Domestic Violence and a Call to Repentance by Chris Moles

It has been said that the greatest indicator of future behavior is past behavior. Change is difficult, some would say impossible, unless we use the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Without intervention, it is rare to see the kind of significant heart, desire, and behavior changes we are calling for. It is all the more imperative that we as leaders and people-helpers engage in confrontational ministry that holds abusive men accountable and calls them to repentance.

Book Review: When Darkness Seems My Only Friend by Nathan Loudin

While sitting at a table encircled by pastors, the brother on my right asked the question: “Does anyone at the table deal with depression or darkness on a regular basis?” I listened as the answers went around the table. It was one “no” after another. No. No. No. No. But then it came to me. I was the last one at the table to answer. “Yes,” I had to say.

4 Costs of Children That Catch Parents Off Guard by Art Rainer

I was having lunch with a coworker the other day and the conversation turned to the cost of raising children. Read any report on the cost of raising children and you quickly realize that parenting is an amazing, worthwhile, but sometimes expensive, journey. We began to consider some of the costs that caught us off guard as parents. Like your list, our list had several surprising costs. Let me share with you four that made our list:

  • There are expenses related to parenting, but here is a relatively cheap way to engage that was a blast – Cheese Dog Adventures

The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About the Enneagram by Joe Carter

Evangelicals concerned about the Enneagram should probably worry less, since it’s likely a mostly harmless fad that will fade away in a few years. And evangelicals enthralled with the Enneagram should probably wonder why they’re spending so much energy on a tool that has about as much scientific validity as the four humors theory of Hippocrates (and Tim LaHaye).

Kids’ Video Game Obsession Isn’t Really About Video Games by Nir Eyal

However, there’s more to the story. A comprehensive answer to the question of whether video games are harmful must take into account other factors. Fortnite is just the latest example of a pastime some kids spend more time on than is good for them. But parents need to understand why kids play as well as when to worry and when to relax.

What I’m Reading

The Money Challenge: 30 Days of Discovering God’s Design For You and Your Money by Art Rainer. This isn’t where you thought you would be.

You were meant for more. Your money was meant for more. You and your money are meant for an exciting, adventurous, and satisfying purpose. God designed you, not to be a hoarder, but a conduit through which His generosity flows.

In The Money Challenge, Art Rainer takes you on a journey to financial health. But it is not simply for the sake of financial health. The Money Challenge was written to help experience God’s design for you and your finances. Welcome to the adventure.

Welcome to The Money Challenge.

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