My recent publications – Mobilizing Church-Based Counseling and Facilitating Counseling Groups – are part of a new series of books with New Growth Press. The name of that series is the “Church-Based Counseling” series. This post is meant to introduce to this series.


Mobilizing Church-Based Counseling: Many churches would like to start a counseling ministry, but they don’t know where to start. Mobilizing Church-Based Counseling offers direction to churches for creating a ministry built around lay-led counseling groups and mentoring. Based on proven models used in his own congregation, Brad Hambrick lays out a clear plan to launch a sustainable soul-care ministry that can be replicated in churches of any size.


Facilitating Counseling Groups: Leading a counseling group is different from leading a general discipleship group, even if both exist at the same church. A counseling group focuses on a specific need, garners heightened levels of vulnerability about matters of greater sensitivity, and requires more skill and intentionality from its leader. When a layperson is well-equipped, this kind of ministry is tremendously rewarding, as they see God multiply the work he did in their life with people walking a similar journey.

Transformative Friendships (March 2024): Building meaningful friendships is not as easy as we wish it was. A culture that is lonelier and more disconnected than ever proves how hard it can be. In Transformative Friendships, counselor Brad Hambrick encourages readers to develop new rhythms, habits, and lifestyles that will shape and grow their relationships, both with casual acquaintances and closer friends. The goal is not to develop perfect friendships, but rather learn to how to cultivate deep connections that grow steadily over time through conversations based on simple questions and common interactions. Hambrick’s biblical vision for friendship calls Christians to engage with one another in the transformational way God intended.

Overcoming Addiction (July 2024): If you are willing to admit that alcohol and/or drugs are disrupting your life, Overcoming Addiction will guide you toward healing. Counselor Brad Hambrick provides a 9-step framework to help you reclaim your life and experience the freedom God wants for you. Find hope as you learn to be honest with God, yourself, and others. Overcoming Addiction is a support group curriculum that seeks to capture the gospel in slow motion and provide a safe environment for participants to grow together as they pursue steps toward lasting change to addictive patterns.

Navigating Destructive Relationships (July 2024): All relationships disappoint us from time to time. But some relationships are destructive, especially those marked by addiction, abuse, and/or life-dominating problems. Navigating Destructive Relationships, a support group curriculum, provides you with a safe and stable place where you can name what’s going on and turn toward God. You are not alone. God sees and cares for your suffering. Navigating Destructive Relationships is built on a 9-step model that helps you process intense relational suffering with the hope of the gospel. Learning alongside others facing similar challenges allows participants a unique opportunity to grow as they identify choices they can make in response to their loved one’s destructive patterns.

More to come…