The foundation of a healthy couple is two individuals committed to wise personal decision making. We must be a faithful disciple of Christ before we will be a good husband/wife to our spouse. It is neither possible nor advisable for a couple to consult each other on every decision they make. Shared values, agreed upon life structures (i.e., calendar and budget), and appreciation for what is important to each other comprise the foundation of personal decision making that will bless a marriage.

In the “Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage: Decision Making” seminar we will teach three types of decision making that are required in a healthy, biblical marriage.

  1. Personal Decision Making
  2. Consensus Decision Making
  3. Headship-Submission Decision Making

Too often, couples try to force all decision making to fit into one or two of these arenas. They may do this for convenience (but simple becomes simplistic) or conviction (emphasizing some part of what Scripture teaches to the neglect of other parts). Either way, their life lacks balance and begins to show the corresponding wear-and-tear.

Here are the assessment tool and overview of the materials on personal decision making.