We have all said it, and we all sigh when other’s say it. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” I want to offer you a year’s plan for meaningful conversation and prayer with your spouse in 2010.

Don’t read “meaningful” to mean deep, serious talk-talks. The goal of this document is to provide a balance of playful, reflective, appreciative, flirty, confessional, planning, and romantic conversations with prayer topics that build on that day’s theme of conversation.

As you follow the guide, feel free to chase rabbits. It is not meant to be a script, but jumper cables. If you think of yourself as one who struggles with conversation, put these pages where you dress in the morning. That way you can review the “subject of the day” and think about it on your commute or during a break. This way meaningful conversation will not “put you on the spot.”

Hopefully these pages will eliminate the pressure of initiation and creativity in communication, so that you and your spouse can spend 2010 knowing and being known by one another in new, exciting, satisfying, and refreshing ways.