It began with a playful Facebook question in June 2010, “Would anyone be interested in a series of blog posts on ‘A Counselor Reflects on Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis’?” The response was enthusiastic enough to persuade me to see where the idea led. Now almost 2 years and 100 posts later I am on page 161 of 227 of my copy of Mere Christianity.

Those who know me well are doubtless laughing at my compulsive, verbose persistence. But so far it has been an enjoyable exercise in slowly reading, reflecting on, and applying a classic Christian work. Regularly engaging the logic, wit, and metaphor of C.S. Lewis has been beneficial.

As this series reaches its centennial mark, I thought I would offer my readers a chance to peruse all the titles in this series.

  1. The Important of Our Disagreements
  2. The Positive Side of Temptation
  3. The “Deeper” Meaning of Being a Christian
  4. What Would a Totally New Morality Look Like?
  5. The Only Law We Can Disobey
  6. What Needs to be Explained?
  7. Good and Bad Desires Do Not Exist
  8. What Would Make a Devil of Us?
  9. “-Er” Requires a Standard
  10. What is the Point of Playing Football?
  11. Limits of Science: What vs. Why?
  12. We Have Inside Information
  13. Beyond Science: A Necessary Question
  14. Creative Evolution: The Best of Both Worlds?
  15. We All Want Progress
  16. Only a Person Can Forgive
  17. Goodness as Safety or Danger
  18. How Comfort Is Not Found
  19. Meaning, Darkness, and Eyes
  20. Simple Religion
  21. Good Things Wrong Methods
  22. Be Good for Goodness Sake
  23. Other Religions Not All Wrong
  24. Evil as a Parasite
  25. A Moral Civil War
  26. Disagreeing With God
  27. Made of Better Stuff?
  28. Putting Yourself First
  29. What Fuel Your Engine?
  30. Jesus Forgives Sin Committed Against Me
  31. Liar, Lunatic, or Lord
  32. Disabled Death
  33. Repentance Is Harder Than Eating Humble Pie
  34. It Takes a Good Person to Repent
  35. Humilitarian: A New Moral Diet
  36. Deity: An Unfair Advantage
  37. What Is a Live Body?
  38. Why Doesn’t God Make Himself More Known?
  39. Directions for Running the Human Machine
  40. If I Simply Belonged to Myself
  41. Living Beyond Seventy Years
  42. One Mark of a Bad Man
  43. One Good Tennis Shot?
  44. What Makes Heaven, Heavenly?
  45. Quacks, Cranks, and Moral Teachers
  46. How Christianity Works
  47. Who Would Like a Christian Society?
  48. The Twin Obstacles to Generosity
  49. Ally, Master, or Judge?
  50. C.S. Lewis on Sigmund Freud
  51. Courage and Illogical Fear
  52. God Does Not Judge on Raw Material
  53. Blame It On the Body?
  54. Choices Turn the Central Part of You
  55. The Momentum of Wisdom
  56. Chastity Versus Modesty
  57. The Most Unpopular Virtue
  58. A Bacon Strip-Tease
  59. Would Have Been the Best Sex Ever
  60. Moralism… C.S. Lewis… Permissiveness
  61. C.S. Lewis, Bulimia, and Pornography
  62. C.S. Lewis on Divorce
  63. Being “In Love” and Promises
  64. C.S. Lewis on Mid-Life Crisis
  65. C.S. Lewis on Two Kinds of Marriages
  66. Forgiveness, A Lovely Idea
  67. Forgiveness: If Received, Then Required
  68. Forgiveness Made Easier: Part I
  69. Forgiveness Made Easier: Part II
  70. C.S. Lewis on Loving Myself
  71. C.S. Lewis Meets His Murderer
  72. Loving the Unlovable In Me
  73. Invisible Vice
  74. C.S. Lewis’ Pride Evaluation Question
  75. C.S. Lewis’ Cure for Pride: Part I
  76. C.S. Lewis on Self-Respect and Devil’s Laughter
  77. C.S. Lewis on The Devil’s Cure
  78. C.S. Lewis’ Portrait of Humility
  79. C.S. Lewis on Temperament, Feelings, and Obedience
  80. C.S. Lewis on “Fake It Until You Make It”
  81. C.S. Lewis, Compound Moral Interest, and Spiritual Warfare
  82. C.S. Lewis on How God Feels About Feelings
  83. C.S. Lewis on Being Too Heavenly Minded
  84. C.S. Lewis on “Out of This World” Pleasures
  85. C.S. Lewis on Savoring Temporal Pleasures
  86. C.S. Lewis on Doubting Faith
  87. C.S. Lewis on Losing Faith
  88. C.S. Lewis on Sin’s Current
  89. C.S. Lewis on Jesus’ Full Temptation
  90. C.S. Lewis Says, “Punt It”
  91. C.S. Lewis Says, “Try Until You Realize You Can’t”
  92. C.S. Lewis on the Insult of Everything for Nothing
  93. C.S. Lewis on God-Saturated Human Effort
  94. C.S. Lewis Rejecting What Not to Write
  95. C.S. Lewis on Theology as Experience vs. Map
  96. 80’s Fashion Combat, Old Theology, & Domestic Violence
  97. C.S. Lewis Says, “Good Advice Is Over-Rated”
  98. C.S. Lewis on God as Father and Creator
  99. C.S. Lewis on Really Living
  100. C.S. Lewis on Losing/Gaining Myself in God

… and there are over 60 pages in my edition of Mere Christianity to go! To be continued…