The “My Favorite Posts” series on my blog is how I catalog posts I’ve written to help my readers find the material that is the best-fit for their interest or need. I hope this series creates a more user-friendly experience for my readers and allows this site to become a trusted resource hub for the church.

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Marriage Evaluations:

These are the 15 on-line, self-scoring evaluations from the Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage series.

  1. Marital Expectations
  2. Marriage as Covenant
  3. Character & Role Expectations
  4. Listening
  5. Day-to-Day Communication
  6. Conflict Resolution
  7. Financial Beliefs and Character
  8. The Budgeting Process
  9. Attitude Toward Debt and Savings
  10. Personal Decision Making
  11. Consensus Decision Making
  12. Headship-Submission Decision Making
  13. Preferences in Expressing / Receiving Love
  14. Living in the Larger Love Story
  15. Being Excellent Lovers

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